Smith & Spathis are a small team of craftsmen located in Montréal, Canada dedicated to crafting Japanese forged knives and tools using a combination of traditional blacksmithing methods in harmony with modern technology.  Our workshop operates out of Montréal Island where everything is conceptualized, manufactured and produced by hand in house.  We forge traditional and western Japanese knives as well as other custom tools using only the highest quality steels from Japan and Sweden. Our knives and tools are hardened, cryo-treated and tempered to bring out the full potential of the metals.  We are committed to producing the highest quality tools that will be enjoyed by many for generations.


Graham Smith

Graham has a PhD in biophysics and spent many years as a chemist in the field of neuroscience studying neurodegeneration and brain repair. He has a long relationship with physical chemistry and material science. First generation Japanese Canadian, his family originates from Kumomoto prefecture, Kushu Japan, an area well known for blacksmithing. He has always been passionate about metallurgy and creating tools with his hands. Although forged in an academic environment, his current collaboration with Smith & Spathis is an artistic approach and application of his chemistry background, which also pairs with his passion for good food, tools, and noble materials.


Jim Spathis

Jim has over 25 years of experience in industrial design and metal fabrication. He has built intricate custom machines for manufacturing. In his previous business he invented a one of a kind machine that fabricates and stitches chain-maille products. During this time, he worked with architectural companies and designers for lighting, stage, film and fashion. His current interest and direction are concentrated towards hot metal forming, crucible steels, and precious metal casting.